How to Control a 4 Way Relay Switch with the Raspberry Pi

As I continue to learn more Python code I've reached a point where I want to have the ability to control multiple electronics with the use of a relay switch boar I bought back in December 2018. Originally I always going to build a musical light display for my two younger cousins at my uncle's. … Continue reading How to Control a 4 Way Relay Switch with the Raspberry Pi

Best Retro Pie Build

This tutorial is geared towards beginners who want to install Retropie on their Raspberry Pi 3 or 3B+. This tutorial is for Windows users. Materials: Raspberry Pi 3 - or 3b+ - Power adapter (2.5 x 5) - SD card - USB Wired Gamepad - or WIreless - Optional: … Continue reading Best Retro Pie Build

Past, Present, Future

Good morning Grizzly's! Wow what a week it has been for us over here at Sudo Grizzly Gents!  Well lets say less  of a week and more of a YEAR! What did we learn so far? Well I for one learned that I despise the word "Niche".  On top of  taking a crash courses in … Continue reading Past, Present, Future

Starbucks WIFI – A Hackers Paradise

I was recently at a Starbucks ordering my boring cup of black coffee when I noticed that there are a SH#T load of people connecting to the Starbucks WIFI. Me being the paranoid mess I have been for years now couldn't help but wonder just how many of these sitting ducks were aware of just how … Continue reading Starbucks WIFI – A Hackers Paradise

$500 Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

Join us alongside Sudo Grizzly's very own OZ The Prodigy Rios as he continues his efforts to raise $500 towards suicide prevention and awareness. Donation and Twitch links below Donation Links: Twitch Link: And as always be sure to visit our online store Watch live video from WickedxMage on reading $500 Suicide Prevention Fundraiser

“Ursa Minor” Arcade Cabinet Build Plans FREE

Yes it's true! The design Team at Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC lead by none other than Billie T. Grizzly has released a statement via Facebook and Instagram that will be publishing their build plans available for Free download ! This comes as a great surprise as most retro gaming companies prefer to keep both … Continue reading “Ursa Minor” Arcade Cabinet Build Plans FREE

How to Play Any Classic Retro Game For FREE Hey Grizzly’s did you enjoy today’s video? Let us what Retro Games, Arcade Hacks, Kodi JAIL BREAK projects you want to see for our future video. Leave a LIKE 🙂 , feel free to SHARE, and follow all our online accounts for more Retro Gaming made easy. Retroarch download - Online store - … Continue reading How to Play Any Classic Retro Game For FREE