About Us

Our Story “The Original Jimmy Rustlers”

Long before Facebook had enough users to make the largest country on earth, back when “Tom” was your first friend on social media. A time where bloggers using html added screamo songs to automatically play on their MySpace page. Back when you would tell your friends to call you after 7 PM because your minutes were free and your tiny NOKIA brick phone’s only game was “Snake” and texting and Driving wasnt so dangerous because we didnt need to look at our phones when texting with “T9”, there was a small town in Southern California. The “City of Trees” tucked away in the suburbs of LA and almost invisible to the outside world.


Here our three founding members begin their journey. Seperated after highschool each pursuing their own life paths are brought together by a looming darkness. Recovering from both suicide attempts and mental health. Each at first glance living what seemed to be ambitious life with starting family’s, becoming home owners, traveling the world it would not be obvious each of our founding members had their own struggle with mental health.

Reviving Our Inner Child

By sheer accident one of our founding members discovered development boards in early 2018 which lead him the programming field as a coping mechanism. His projects that began as small ones for friends quickly gained attention. In an effort to turn a hobby into a much more impactful entity our next two( siblings) founding members combined an investment of $1,000 each for a combined $3,000 to incorporate and open an online store to bring these creations to the world, to share knowledge, and to prove that mental health does not define a persons entirety.

Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC is “seriously unserious about how seriously unserious” they are. This can be summarized quite frankly as “Trust your insanity”. Still defining a niche that entangles what seem to be very different markets as the only “Custom Arcade Cabinet/DIY parts, gaming accessories, programming, and 80’s/90’s apparel Retrowave themed online store” . Never the less they continue to grow, expand, teach, and seemingly enjoy getting under peoples skin while simultaneously reminding us that not long ago we were just kids dreaming about the mechanics of the universe. Focusing also on teach and educating the public with updates and instructional articles that teach even those who believe they are not tech savy how to take full control of their devices returning SUDO privileges back to the normal user.

The Sudo Grizzly Gents are not here nor there. They are the finite grey area. The most precise border before absolute zero. They are every race and none at the same time, There are a Trillion Grizzlys and 0 Grizzly’s. The Grizzly aren’t saying they are the first nor that they are the best. They are however second to none.