Hey everyone!

The past four days have been pretty hectic as we move into mass production of our arcade fight sticks. To be honest originally we expected sell maybe 3-4 maybe 5 just for giggles. Sheets of MDF 4′ X 8′ which before lasted us a week are now cut and drilled and assembled into arcade sticks within 20 minutes. This increase in orders has left us with no other option but to redesign our arcade fight sticks. I know there have been dozens of messages on Etsy, Mercari, and Offer Up regarding the various designs which I will address.

Originally each fight stick was designed slightly different from its predecessor. I wanted each of the first 10 to be numbered “_____ of 10”. The individual customization (though I enjoy building them) is far too labor intensive and makes fufilling orders nearly impossible. I speak on behalf of our team when I say that we really want as many of you guys to be able to own one to enjoy the amazing retro gaming experience our product offers. In an effort to meet the demand,improve quality, and maintain a certain degree of consistency with out product I have redesigned the fight stick to have the same dimensions, same cuts, same panels etc. Do not be alarmed as this new design actually is a great improvement from before. The frames are stronger, very rigid, and provide much easier access to the internals. The operating system, number of games, emulators, and features will remain the same. The new design is purely structural.

Beginning tomorrow all frames will follow the design pictured below and painted satin black. The acrylic panels will still be included but keep in mind they are intended to be a protective cover for the wooden surface. I know some of you want the clear see through acrylic tops and figured out that u can unscrew the button panel and remount everything on just the acrylic. That is entirely up to you guys in regards of what you do with the fight stick.

We are very excited on all the recent improvements to our product. Im very happy with the progress in such a short amount of time. I would like to thank all the folks who purchased one already as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, more questions, or comments. Whatever we can do to continue improving and providing you guys with a quality gaming experience is worth mentioning. You can contact us through here or through the following channels: – via our FB page messenger

Via Email –

CEO Richard Munguia :



Director of Operations & Product Development Jose “Billie Grizzly” Montes:

Customer Support Help Line

Whats App – +1 765 460 2526

Shop Numbner – +1 765 460 2526

Thanks everyone!

-Billie Grizzly

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