Sudo Grizzly Gents Mini RetroCade

Purchase yours here Check out this item on OfferUp.

Single Player Plug and Play Arcade Fight Stick.

4549 Classic Retro Games from the Following systems

Sega 32X – 36 Games
Sega CD – 45 Games
Sega Master System – 373 games
Sega Genesis – 351 Games
Atari Lynx – 76 games
Atari 2600 – 526 games
Atari 5200 – 724 games
Game Boy – 475 games
Game Boy Color – 385 games
Turbo Grafx – 101 Games
NES – 696 games
SNES – 707 games
Gameboy Advanced – 499 Games
MAME Arcade – Too Many to count

(I dont have a game list, i dont have time to list them all out).

Hand Made Retro Fight Stick.
Acrylic panel
LED Buttons & Joy Stick
RPi 0 W preprogrammed with a 16 GB SD

100% Plug and Play

to see it in action go to youtube ane search “Sudo Grizzly Gents Mini Arcade Fight Stick

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