Inhouse vs Outsource

Preserving quality while maintaining a low cost in order to remain competitive is tough. There is no correct answer to the debate of maintaining production inhouse, or outsourcing. Being a small startup this is one of the biggest challenges we have faced at Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC.

Initially we were outsourcing most of our production for arcade cabinet frames to freelancers and contractors. This unfortunately lead to a decline in product consistency as well as quality. Now that we have brought back the original SGG Team we agree that in order to provide the best quality product at the most affordable and competitive price we must invest in order to produce inhouse.

We are excited to go in full operation soon. Never imagined when I myself was assembling boxes of Tesseract Retro Gaming Kits with a pocket knife screw driver to drop off to small shops at the Anaheim Swapmeet that I’d see a brand new table saw and drill press in the shop….let alone imagine ever having the 16′ x 7′ office/workspace we work out of.

Stay Creative!

PS Our temporary online shop has moved to Offer Up. Click the Link below and thank you for your continued support with this project!


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