Arcade Fight Stick DIY

What we are building – Arcade Fight Stick Ever wanted an arcade cabinet but dont have the “feria”? (as the homies in Fullerton say)

Well we designed a cheaper and more versatile design to give you the best bang for your buck that turns heads, is a relatively easy DIY project, and wont make you sacrifice room you may not have. And arcade sight stick in a nutsdhell is the arcade joystick and buttons of an arcade with a small development board with thousands of classic titles. it is slightly smaller than two shoe boxes placed side by side.

We will break the build down into two main sections. Section 1 which youre currently on will focus on building the physical fight stick. Section two will focus on assembling the RaspberryPi micro computer that will power and play all the games.

Materials For Fight Stick

It is not necessary to use acrylic, the entire frame can be built out of MDF or whatever material you would like to use.

  • Acrylic sheet 24″ x 12″ , 1/4″ thick 25.00 Amazon
  • MDF 1/2″ wood Sheet 1/2 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft 9.00 Home Depot
  • Joy stick/buttons/encoder Two Player Combo 45.00 Amazon
  • Assorted hardware(nuts/bolts/screws) 9.00 Home Depot
  • HDMI / USB Female Passthrough 10.00 Amazon
  • USB Micro Passthrough 10.00 Amazon
  • Ethernet passthrough(optional) 10.00 Amazon
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model 3 B+ 35.00 Amazon
  • Raspberry Pi Case 9.00 Amazon
  • 32 GB Samsung SD Card 11.00 Amazon
  • Power Cable (2.5 v 5 Amp) 10.00 Amazon

Step #1 Cutting the frame (wood and acrylic)

Begin by taking out your ruler and straight edge to make two rectangles 9″ x 25.25″. Carefully cut out the two rectangles. These will serve as the top plate and bottom support of our arcade fight stick. When youre cutting acrylic make sure you are using a blade or oscillating attachment made for cutting this type of material!!! Other wise you will end up with chipped ends. Be sure to keep the [plastic film on the acrylic while cutting. For safe measure and to cut an even straighter line I also would recommend using masking tape around the edge if where you’re cutting.

Acrylic Button and Joystick Housing

Once the two pieces are cut sand them down until the edges are even on all four corners.

Next measure out three pieces of your MDF 4″ x 9″ and these will make the sides and the center support.

Sides & Center Supports 4″x9″

Finally cut out two more rectangles 25.25″ x 4″. These will make the front and back plate for the fight stick.

Sand all the pieces until they all the sides are even or as close to even as you can get them. I would really advise you guys take your time with sanding all your pieces out evenly.

Step #2

From our download section download and print the arcade two player fight stick template. Fix the paper template to your MDF or acrylic sheet. If youre using a spade steel bit remember to only drill into the material until the center pokes through to the other side. Then flip your joystick housing and drill from the rear. The buttons will in diameter. I am using a generic size of 1 3/8”s diameter bit. The joystick hole will be 1 1/2″.

If youre drilling acrylic MAKE SURE THE ENTIRE PIECE OF HELD DOWN TO YOUTR WORK SURFACE. Dont allow for any wobbling or slapping. Additionally do not press down on your drill too much. Allow the bit to slowly do all the work. Using a bit of dish soap on the drill bit to act as a a lubricant and prevent chipping or cracking also helps quite a bit.

Once you’ve drilled and hopefully not broken anything, take some sand paper or a dremel and take off any excess chunks of debris carefully.

(Sorry guys i’m going finish up part 1 tomorrow. Monday’s are not forgiving and I have an inbox full of emails to reply to)

Tomorrow we will be finishing up Part #1 of with assembling the frame with drilling all the hardware holes, installing the joystick/buttons/encoder(drilling for any pass through’s if your you purchased passthroughs for the HDMI or other connections), wiring, and how to keep everything neat and organized inside your fight stick.

Sneak Peak

Blue LED Arcade Buttons and Joystick
Soon to be a fully functional Retropie Mame Arcade Fight Stick

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