Hibernation Coming to an End

The Grizzly Gents were never gone…they were here the whole time…

Hey Grizzlies!

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to and from spending time with your families.

Just to update everyone we did not meet our expected deadline to reopen our online store. We are doing all the work in house and finding time to work on SGG has become increasingly difficult with our four founders all having conflicting schedules, full time jobs, and living in different states.

Plans fore the new store include a much more specific product line and we will be focusing the majority of that product line to be gaming controllers. Additionally we will be carrying some apparel as well as DIY Arcade cabinet components. We will no longer be taking orders for full arcade cabinet builds atleast for a few months.

I (Billie Grizzly) will be updating the blog more frequently with DIY projects, news, as well as begin a streaming on Youtube (@SudoGrizzlyGentsLive) and Twitch (@SudoGrizzlyGentsLive). Also I am still unable to regain access to my FB account…Zuckerberg wants me to send him a photo of my picture ID…NICE TRY REPTILIAN ISIS! NOT TODAY!

Also take advantage of our current Black Friday savings special going on until Dec 31st 2020 with IP Vanish. over 75% OFF!!! We have been using IP vanish for nearly two years and love the privacy it provides specially when streaming movies and to bypass geo restrictions.


Purchasing from any links we provide directly support us in bringing you more content, savings, and fun.

Thats all for tonight and remember the Grizzly Gents are always watching…

– The Sudo Grizzly Gents

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