Social Engineering: How We Help Hackers Into Our Lives

Contrary to how secure you feel you funny and quite clever password “b00tyl1ckerJaRule” might be it may not be keeping your accounts as safe as you might think. These days cyber criminals arent just bbehind some Matrix looking screen saver of binary numbers crunching a way into your X Box as much as they might be posing as a friend of family member collecting data YOU put out yourself.

Social Engineering.

You dont need a degree or schooling. Just Ears and Eyes to sift through someones feed and get a better insight on ther lives. For example say I am the cyber criminal attempting to crack your Gmail password.

Your Gmail linkedn to yout Google account that links to your IG , FB, Tinder , Grindr (hey we dont judge), and Myspace for the old folks. I could try and brute force into ur account but after so many fails i get locked out,could try and set up a fake site but I suck writing J . SoI click “forgot password” to get some insight on what you need tl recover the account.

lucky me just two security questions.

Favorite Blank
Favorite Blank

Now some of you are clever,paranoid, and smart enough to NEVER actually set those questions up with amswers directly in relation to your life. The rest of you…

for me figuring out where your favorite place to vacation and when your birthday is will cost me an hour of browsing your social media content.

I answer the questions.
reset your password to Google.
Reset your passwords to your social media.
Add my own two step authentification to your accounts so you deff have no chance of loging in.
Remove ur phone mumber snd other recovery info.

I am now you. I have all your photos. I know where you go, when you sleep, what you eat, what your search, what you buy, and havde info on everyone you know friends and family.

Pretty terryfying. This isnt too uncommon to have happen and it’ becoming more and more common as the world becomes more automated.

Staying safe is up to you so always watch what you post. Change passwords regularlt, use two step authentification, and get rid of any old accounts onlinenthat you no longer use.

stay safe guys,

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