How to Set Up A Headless Raspberry Pi Pt. 1

This tutorial is for Raspberry Pi Users who do not want to purchase a seperate set of peripherals to use their Pi. With these configurations you will be able to SSH into your Pi.

First this assumes you already know how to flash the latest Raspbian Image to an SD card. Once the SD card is flash you will have access to the Boot folder which is where we will make the necessary configurations.

Setting up wireless networking

Open up a text editor on your computer and name the file exactly as follows


The actual text in the file should read just as it is below but with your SSID and Login credentials for your network instead.

wpa_supplicant.conf file example:

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev update_config=1 country=<Insert country code here> network={ ssid=”<Name of your WiFi>” psk=”<Password for your WiFi>” }

Save the file and place it in the BOOT folder of the SD card you flashed Raspbian in

Note that some older WiFi dongles don’t support 5GHz networks.

For more info on Country codes check out the Raspi Wikkipedia page.

Tomorrow we will continue with how to set up SSH and complete the headless raspi set up.

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