Killer Instinct – The Snes’ best fighter?

Great Article on my favorite SNES title 🙂

Talking Comics

The first time I played Killer Instinct in the arcade I was lured to the cabinet by the baritone shout of “UUUULTRA COMMBO!”.  I was blown away by this title, here in a dingy, smoky building I was captivated by the speed, ferocity and variety that this title presented.  The visuals were amazing, better than anything that the Playstation and Sega Saturn were offering at this time. The best was yet to come however when the announcer informed me that this wonderful game was “Coming to your home in 1995! Only on Nintendo Ultra 64!”

However 1995 came and went and both the new Nintendo console and the home conversion of Killer Instinct were delayed.  However all was not lost, this mighty arcade title was converted to the trusty SNES and I was not disappointed. We did lose the cool flashy effects such as Cinders blazing flame effects and Fulgore’s…

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