Welcome to the Grizzly Gents Arcade blog! You’ll find all sorts of neat articles, tech news, updates on our store & Team (www.TheSGG.com), Arcade DIY tutorials, Kodi hacks, and tons of free downloads.

A little history on our company:

We are an LLC formed in early 2019 and licensed in Sunny Southern California. Sudo Grizzly Gents began as a one man operation mid 2018. Originally it was just our founder building small retro-gaming consoles with the Raspberry Pi development board as gifts for family and friends. Having taken up programming as a hobby in his late 20’s as a positive outlet to deal with a diagnosis of Bipolar 1 disorder at the age of 29. It wasn’t long before two of his his friends who are brother and sister took notice and saw potential for much more. Not long after the foundation was set and Sudo Grizzly Gents, LLC was born.

The product lined expanded to retro gaming and arcade DIY components, controllers for all consoles, 90’s vintage apparel, Android TV, and Arcade Fight sticks.

We now operate with a team of five and one to two interns seasonaly. Our mission is simple:

” To encourage creativity, curiosity, and share knowledge through our own products, projects, and content.”

We ourselves are always growing and learning. We encourage and welcome all thoughts, opinions, and data even if it oposes our views. Because it’s not until we view life from all angles, even the ones we don’t like that we can finally come together and grow as fellow human beings.